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Metal Edge, June 1992

Mötley Crüe are on top of the world, riding high on the success of Dr. Feelgood and a new hit reworked version of "Home Sweet Home." But there's clearly more to come from L.A.'s baddest boys. Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee fill us in...

The "Home Sweet Home" Video

Tommy Lee: The people in it aren’t actors. They’re all real people. Matt [Mahurin, director] took a Winnebago and drove around, just shot.

Nikki Sixx: A lot of it couldn’t be shown on MTV. There was a shot of this eccentric billionaire lady at her home, rubbing her cheeks on this statue, and this statue is peeing.

Lee: It sounds goofy, but home is what you make it – and that’s what it’s about. When we did the first “Home Sweet Home” video, we were on the road forever and that’s what it meant to us then. Now it means something a little different.


Sixx: Times are changing. The PMRC was on our ass about “Looks That Kill.” It’s safe compared to stuff we do now, lyrically. I mean, “Slice of Your Pie” and “She Goes Down” are some songs to get fired up about, but I wish they would put down their frying pans or their brooms long enough to read the lyrics on Dr. Feelgood.

Lee: MTV’s taking another look at “You’re All I Need.” Back then, a body bag was “Nah.” But now it’s no big deal. Actually, it would be better not to play it. It would be more special.

The Next Record

Sixx: We’re biting off a big chunk musically with the next album. Right now we’re writing ideas, and I’m having a really hard time not writing whole songs. I’m trying to write pieces and not finish them so that we can glue the pieces together and figure out a way to put a vocal on there, like Zeppelin did with Physical Graffiti. What we’re going for is Physical Graffiti meets the Sex Pistols meets Black Sabbath – really fucking heavy, great vocals. If there’s not room for a chorus, maybe the chorus will be the riff. We’re breaking formula, so it’ll either go really quick or really slow, but it’s exciting, man. I’m pumped.

Extracurricular Activities

Lee: I played one song on Richard Marx’s album. I saw him at an L.A. Kings game and he said, “I got this track, it’s really heavy and I want a heavy drummer to play on it because it’ll make all the difference in the world.” So I went down and listened to it and it was heavy – I was shocked! From Richard Marx! It’s called “Streets of Pain.” It was also an opportunity for me to play with Steve Lukather and Randy Jackson. It was neat to play with those guys.

Sixx: Tommy produced two tracks for the Electric Love Hogs. It’s insane.

Lee: It’s cutting-edge music. I just helped them put on tape what they told me they wanted, what they were trying to envision, that’s all. I want to do something with Nikki – we’ve always wanted to do something together.

Sixx: We will – we have Mötley Records for now. For our albums, too. And I’m going to be finishing my book.


Sixx: He’s the cutest little guy on the planet. He loves music in general, and he loves my fucking drummer.

Lee: Nikki was smart, he waited until the right time. It’s not worth doing unless you’re ready and your wife is ready, too. It’s not like a car – you don’t turn it in when you’re tired of it. You better be ready.

The Next Decade

Sixx: We don’t know. Maybe we won’t make it. Maybe it will be 20 more years. You want a scenario of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in like 15 years, all of us old and decrepit, standing there together with a bottle of whiskey!