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Heavy Hitters: Paul Stanley and Whitesnake help kick off debut column

In the mood for love? Paul Gargano serves up four albums to help light the Valentine's Day fires

Welcome to the premier installment of Heavy Hitters, a weekly column where Metal Edge showcases four albums that should be in every fan’s vinyl collection. This week, as we gear up for Valentine’s Day, Paul Gargano showcase four records that can help you set the mood – whatever your take on love may be!



You’d think it was pretty cool if I told you that Paul Stanley could be your Valentine’s Day wingman, right? Well, that’s exactly what you get with Now and Then, where the legendary Kiss frontman who put the X in sex trades his spandex for a sport coat and delivers a double platter of r&b and soul goodness that sheds some light on his more sensitive side. Covers of “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love,” “Ooh Baby Baby” and “Baby I Need Your Loving” pay homage to his roots, while like-minded Paul Stanley-penned originals like “I, Oh I” and “Whenever You’re Ready (I’m Here)” prove he’s packing more than just a love gun in his romantic arsenal. If you’re looking to “Uh! All Night,” Now and Then is a great place to start.

WHITESNAKE Flesh And Blood


You know how I found out Whitesnake put out a new album in 2019? By flipping through the digital vinyl bins in the Metal Edge store. That’s not a shameless plug, it's a true story, so I’m paying my discovery forward here in hopes that more people can enjoy this hidden gem of an album. “After All” might be the most beautiful song in David Coverdale’s catalog and deserves to be on every Valentine’s Day playlist – and if sentimental and sappy aren’t your style, “Shut Up & Kiss Me” and “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)” are guitar-driven throwbacks to Slip of the Tongue era ‘Snake. Not only do we have the 2-disc vinyl in stock, we also have the limited edition collector’s box featuring the vinyl, a CD/DVD, and a poster, lithograph and stickers.

DORO Love Me In Black


The title track to this oft-overlooked Doro tome is my favorite song by the former Warlock front woman, and that’s no small statement. It’s a raw and haunting appraisal of how hard and painful love can be, and far and away the crowning achievement on a vastly underrated - if at times uneven - album. That said, landing slightly askew was no doubt the goal when melding the production of Jimmy Harry (Pink, Madonna), Fred Maher (Lou Reed, Matthew Sweet) and German industrial titans Die Krupps. Released exclusively in Europe in 1998, Love Me In Black still hasn’t found its way into American record stores, but Metal Edge got our hands on a stack of German imports reissued last year on white vinyl. Now we can love Doro in black, on white!



I think Bloody Kisses serves up some of the sexiest music this side of the guitar solo in Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold.” The album opens with “Machine Screw,” and unravels down a dark and distorted path strewn with corsets, black lipstick, milk white necks and a “loving you was like loving the dead” mantra. If you share my inclination that “Set Me On Fire” is playful and flirty, we might also agree that “We Hate Everyone” is an anti-Valentines anthem. Regardless, romance is completely subjective. That’s how I can stand behind every word I write here, and my wife can just roll her eyes in resignation. That’s love! Want more to love? Check out the exclusive Type O Negative vinyl variants and multiple ‘Bloody Kisses’ bundles in our store.