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Bret Michaels announces Parti Gras 2023 summer U.S. tour with Night Ranger, Jefferson Starship and special guests

'It's a throwback to a great time and a giveback to the fans,' the singer says

Bret Michaels spent this past summer rocking stadiums with Poison, and the singer will be back at it next year, only this time he’s bringing his solo band.

During a November 28 appearance on SiriusXM's Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk, Michaels announced the Parti Gras 2023 tour, which will be hitting 12 amphitheaters across the U.S. beginning in July. Support on the Live Nation-produced outing will come from Night Ranger and Jefferson Starship, with the Bret Michaels Band headlining the evening. Joining Michaels and his band onstage will be a variety of special guests, including Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath and former Journey front man Steve Augeri.

"We have special mystery guests," Michaels explained (transcribed by Blabbermouth). "Every single night there'll be someone on that stage. I can't tell you exactly who it is, but if you've ever looked at everyone who's been on stage — I've had everyone from Jimmy Page to Jimmy Buffett to Paul Stanley — you don't know who it's gonna be, but we're gonna bring someone out and they're just gonna come out at the end of the night and we're gonna do their song."

He added, "This is a true giveback. I don't want to say throwback, 'cause we're living in the here and now, but it's a throwback to a great time and a giveback to the fans. Everyone's gonna leave there going — hopefully they'll remember it, and if you remember it, it was awesome. So if you do remember it the next day after a good time, it's an amazing, amazing concert."

The tour is slated to kick off July 13 in Detroit, and while the full routing has yet to be revealed, Michaels said he hopes to extend the trek beyond 12 shows.

"I would love to add more," he said. "So what happens is there's a lot of independent promoters in there that I wanna respect. It just won't be exactly this version. So in different cities, I custom created it for those cities and those shows and it's gonna be unbelievable. I've got some country artists on one. I've had some big country artists out with us that all of a sudden come out and we're doing one of their songs. They're doing 'Nothin’ But a Good Time' or 'Unbroken' or a solo song, but no matter what… Knowing me, you know what I mean. I wanna be the quintessential host. I want people to feel welcomed.

He continued, "But the one thing I said on this entire tour, I said, no egos, no attitudes — we work with every single person here. I wanna try to work together so it's an incredible show. I designed a stage so everyone has a huge amount of stage room. Every band can use all the sound, all the lights — everything we've got, they can have it. The only thing you can't oversupply is the cryo and the pyro, because the tanks run out."

Michaels also revealed that he has a new solo single, “Back in the Day,” scheduled for release in mid-January, to be accompanied by a video he is directing and co-editing.