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Bret Michaels sang 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' to Loretta Lynn weeks before she died

'She was sitting there in a blanket and we started talking,' Michaels said of the country legend

Pioneering country artist Loretta Lynn passed away at age 90 on October 4, and among the many artists across the music landscape who paid tribute to the "Coal Miner’s Daughter" singer was Poison’s Bret Michaels, who shared a few photos of himself with Lynn on his Instagram page and wrote:

“My heart is beyond heavy today as I have just learned of the passing of my good friend Loretta Lynn. I saw her a few weeks ago, and we sang some songs together. She was an incredible person, an incredible human being and an incredible talent who forged the way for women in the entertainment industry. I just spent time on her ranch, visiting with her & family. Singing songs & riding around on the ATVs & dirt bikes.”

A few years back, Michaels re-recorded the Poison #1 smash “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” with Lynn (and also Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Bon Jovi's Hugh McDonald), and he wrote in the same post that “One of the best days of my life was Thanksgiving when she sang ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ in the studio with me. She will forever be loved & missed.”

Now, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Michaels also revealed that he had recently spent time with Lynn at her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, and sang “Rose” to her a few weeks before she died.

“She was sitting there in a blanket and we started talking. She said, ‘Let’s do a song together. I wrote one that’s gonna be called ‘Good Good Times.’ She sang, ‘good good times and good good love/It comes from above,’ ” he said. And then we sang a little bit of ‘Every Rose.’ We both knew she wasn’t feeling well. I wish I could tell you… both of us are kind of empathic, and you know when you just know?”

As for Lynn’s significance as an artist and person, he said, “It was important for me having daughters to tell her what a big influence she was in breaking open an industry that was a little tough. She was such an influence on my kids. She did it her way. I want to make sure the world knows that: she did it her way.”