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Dave Mustaine on Gene Simmons’ Metallica joke: ‘I thought it was just not good’

The Megadeth main man was not amused

Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine recently appeared on a "Tales from the Metalverse" segment on Pandora's new METALVERSE station, and during the chat he recalled an instance when Kiss bassist and singer Gene Simmons made, in his estimation, a somewhat less-than-pleasant joke about Mustaine’s former band, Metallica, not long after original Metallica bassist Cliff Burton had died in a tragic bus accident. 

Said Mustaine (as transcribed by Revolver), "I'm up on the stage with one of my guys and then Paul [Stanley, Kiss frontman] and Gene were up on the stage. 

"And, somebody says, 'Hey Gene, how about a Kiss reunion?’ And I said, 'Yeah, Gene, how about a Kiss reunion?' And he goes, 'How about a Metallica reunion?' And I went [makes unhappy face]. ‘Cause Cliff had died, you know? And I thought it was just not good for him.”

Mustaine continued, "And I don't know if it bothered me that much at the time, it doesn't bother me anymore, but at the time it was really, really, again, really foreign to know that somebody that you've looked up to your whole life to as a musician, knows who you are. It's a really, really weird feeling.”

You can watch the full segment below.