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David Lee Roth has 14 new 'studio live' songs recorded and ready to go

'It’s all live and it’s Van Halen free,' the singer says. 'No samples. No autotune'

On September 1 David Lee Roth shared a previously unheard solo version of the Van Halen classic, "Panama," via his social media channels.

While the singer labeled the version “studio live,” he offered no information on when and with whom the track was recorded.

Now, Roth has filled in some of the details, revealing to the Van Halen News Desk that the new version was cut on May 3, 2022, at Henson Recording Studio in L.A., with a band consisting of guitarist Al Estrada, bassist Ryan Wheeler and drummer Francis Valentino.

What’s more, the unit recorded a full 14 songs in just two hours.

Said Roth, “It’s all LIVE & it’s Van Halen free. No samples. No autotune.”

As for when we’ll hear the other 13 tracks? Stay tuned…