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Exclusive video: Watch Pantera close out first performance in 20 years with 'Cowboys from Hell,' 'Domination' and 'Hollow'

A vulgar display of power at the Hell & Heaven Fest

Metal Edge's own Paul Gargano was on hand for Pantera's first show in more than 20 years, at Mexico' Hell & Heaven Metal Fest on December 2. And in addition to a full report on the historic show, he also shot some excellent video of the band's performance.

You can check out his footage of Pantera closing out their set with pummeling versions of 'Cowboys from Hell,' 'Domination' and 'Hollow.'

As Gargano recalled, "Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown looked and sounded like they stepped out of a time machine. Rex didn’t say a word, and he didn’t have to - his bottom end every bit as electric as always. And Philip was in top form, as genuinely grateful as I’ve ever known him to be bringing their music back to life in front of new generations of Pantera fans."

He continued, "A lot will be said by those who weren’t there, but speaking on behalf of all of us who were, it was more than just fucking hostile. It was like we stood at the cemetery gates, felt this love for Pantera that’s been living inside us all, received strength beyond strength standing together as a metal family, and took Pantera to a new level. We will all walk a little taller knowing that the cowboys from hell are back again."