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Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes offers update on cancer treatment

‘I'm getting better,’ he says, ‘probably 65, 70 percent’

Earlier this year, former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes revealed, via a social media post from his wife, Cathy, that he was battling cancer in his throat and neck. Now, after recently completing a seven-week course of radiation therapy, Holmes has posted a short video updating fans on his health.

Holmes said in part:

“It’s good news. I went to the hospital last Monday and did an MRI on my neck. And it's been three months since the last radiation I had. But anyway, they did an MRI and I went back Wednesday and they looked at the MRI and the doctor told me that the cancer is gone. Which is a positive thing. I'm glad the kind of cancer I had is treatable. A lot of cancer isn't.

“But anyway, as of now, I'm still suffering from all the radiation that was done to my neck. I still can't taste anything. Like, if I drink Coca-Cola it tastes like turpentine. At least I’m off the feeding tube that I had in my nose for a few months.”

He continued, “Back to the radiation: It'll probably take six months from right now till my neck's back to normal. Last month when I talked, I wasn't that coherent, because I'd stopped taking morphine June 10th. And let me tell you, the comedown off the morphine was radical. I'd never been through anything like that in my life. You can sleep only an hour a night and then you're up, and you’re not… your brain ain't working right. I really feel sorry for what heroin addicts go through, man. It's the first time I ever felt the comedown off of morphine.”

Regarding the support he has received from friends, family and fans, he said, "Anybody that sent me messages in the early days, about ‘Get well, Chris,’ it really lifted my spirits up. Gave me a positive attitude on things. And one [person] I’d thank is my wife Cathy, who took care of me at home.” Additionally, he said, “I’d like thank everybody who gave [to] my GoFundMe. I’d like to thank you very, very much. I don’t know what I could’ve done without that.”

Finally, Holmes concluded, “I'm getting better. Probably 65, 70 percent. By next September, it's July now, I'm supposed to be touring in Canada. Finally, after three years! I’m gonna play there, then after in England, a few shows, festivals, whatever. But, yeah, I'll be in Canada tearing it up.

“So be there, all right? Thank you."