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'I don't need to see Pantera again': Lamb of God's Randy Blythe offers his thoughts on the metal titan's tribute tour

'They got the blessing of the estate of Dime and Vinnie, so god bless,' the LOG front man says

A few months back it was announced that Pantera would be reforming for a tribute tour, with the band’s surviving members, singer Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown, joined by guitarist Zakk Wylde and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante. And while some fans have expressed displeasure at the idea of a Pantera without deceased members (and brothers) Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, metal peers and acolytes across the board have come out in support of the jaunt.

The latest artist to offer his opinion on the return of Pantera is Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe, who has a slightly more thoughtful take on the matter.

Speaking with Heavy Consequence, Blythe first pointed out that he has been asked multiple times to chime in on the Pantera tour, but didn't feel like he had anything to contribute to the conversation. But after pausing for a few seconds, he acknowledged that while he's happy for younger fans who never saw Pantera back in the day to get the opportunity to do so, he personally doesn't feel like he needs to see the groove-metal pioneers ever again.

"I have nothing to say; I have nothing to say about that whatsoever," Blythe said (transcribed by Revolver). "And that's not me being coy saying 'I think they should really do it' or 'I don't think they should really do it.' I don't say anything about that because, I'm not from Texas or Louisiana. I've never been in Pantera. I know all those dudes, and I knew Dime and Vinnie.

"As soon as that happened, a lot people [asked me], 'What do you think? What do you think?' I don't know, man. I'm not the one doing it. I guess, apparently they got the blessing of the estate of Dime and Vinnie, so god bless. Whatever. We'll see how it goes. I'm interested to see how it goes.

"There's a curiosity level, I think — not from me, really, to tell you the truth, because I saw Pantera. I don't need to see Pantera again; I saw Pantera. But there's a lot of young people that never saw Pantera. And of course, Benante and Zakk were friends with Dime and Vinnie as well. I really don't have any judgment in one way or the other."