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Is Lamb of God's Randy Blythe the greatest metal front man ever?

The band's drummer, Art Cruz, thinks so

Naming the greatest front man is a question that is open for debate – but not if you’re Lamb of God drummer Art Cruz. When it comes to picking the G.O.A.T. metal front man, there’s only one as far as he’s concerned: Lamb of God’s very own Randy Blythe.

Cruz, who first joined the band in 2018 as a fill-in drummer for Chris Adler, and was subsequently named his full-time replacement the following year, made the statement during an appearance on the Talk Toomey Podcast, saying of Blythe (as transcribed by the PRP):

"He's the greatest front man in heavy-metal history in my opinion. Not just on a vocal level, it's more of [as] a performer. Metal bands need a performer, somebody like that, that can really take it and lead you through this adventure."

He continued, "I think between Randy and people like Jamey Jasta and obviously Phil Anselmo — these are elite front men in my opinion. That's just in my generation, too. I mean you can go very [far] back even more and start going deep into the older stuffs from the classic metal days and stuff like that.

"But I don't feel like ... There [are] a lot more performers happening now I think. From the hardcore scene and that New Wave of American metal that came through, it was just like your front man was kind of everything."

To get a taste of Randy’s power, check out “Nevermore,” from Lamb of God's forthcoming album, Omens, and then go pick it up in our shop.