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'It was the Wild West!' Original Pantera singer Terry Glaze recalls his early days with Dime and Vinnie

'The music means so much to a lot of people around the whole planet,' Glaze says about the current tribute tour

Pantera are currently out on the road with core members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown, and now another former member – original singer Terry Glaze, has offered up his thoughts on the current reformation.

Glaze, who performed on the band’s first three self-released albums – Metal Magic, Projects in the Jungle and I Am the Night – was ultimately replaced by Anselmo as the band moved from a glam sound and look to a harder and heavier approach. The singer went on to front hard rockers Lord Tracy, and now plays with a variety of acts, including Evel Frehley and Raised By Gods.

Regarding the current version of Pantera, which also features Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante, Glaze told Eonmusic: “I just feel kind of the same way I feel about Van Halen; I love Van Halen. I love Eddie. I love Darrell. You know, that's how I feel about it. It would be difficult for me to think that that was Van Halen without Eddie Van Halen, and Alex is still alive. Imagine if Eddie and Alex are gone, and then it was Van Halen; it's just hard for us old people.

“But you know, man, more power to everybody to get to celebrate the music, and get together and have fellowship, I especially think about all the young people who never got to see them; now they get to finally go out and celebrate those songs. That means so much to them, and that music means so much to a lot of people around the whole planet. So more power to them to celebrate music. Anything that gets people out, live together for rock ‘n’ roll, that's a good thing.”

Glaze also looked back on meeting Dimebag Darrell and his brother, Vinnie, as kids, saying:

“I had a little band when I was a junior in high school back in Bowie, Maryland with my friend Tommy Bradford, and we wanted to play with the best drummer we could find, and the best drummer in our school was Vince Abbott. So we got together and jammed. We did instrumental versions of, I think we did some Rush songs off of 2112. We jammed in the garage and we liked it, and so we tried to get him to play with us. We had a singer Donnie Hart, and the agreement was that we would take his little brother Darrell who was in middle school. We weren't really interested in a young kid in middle school, but we reluctantly agreed, thank goodness. We were lucky enough to do that.”

Regarding his feelings about his earliest days with Pantera, Glaze continued: “It was such a great experience, and, you know, to fall into that in your first real band where you have, arguably one of one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and, you know, [Dime] and his brother Vince; like Van Halen, just a connection that you can't purchase, you can't buy. We played together for so long, and all we did was practice and play shows at the skating rink or play parties. 

"Back then, our parents would come with us so we could get in the bars to play. The drinking age in Texas at that time was 18, so that meant 16-year-olds with fake IDs! So it was the Wild West! It was a great time to grow up and be a rock and roller.”