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Earlier this year, Lamb of God drummer Art Cruz called his band’s singer, Randy Blythe, the “greatest front man in heavy metal history.”

And it seems that his LOG band mate, guitarist Mark Morton, feels similarly. In a new interview with Consequence, Morton praised Blythe, saying, “It’s been awesome to have front row seats to watch my friend Randy evolve into one of the greatest front men in metal. I stand by that statement. Anyone who’s seen Lamb of God knows how great Randy is onstage. He leaves it all up there.”

In fact, he continued, they've consciously tried to make the singer even more of a focal point of the band's live shows. “[O]ne of the things we’ve done over the last couple years, is we put follow spots on Randy, so when he’s being a tornado all over the stage, there’s at least one, usually two spotlights … following him around so he’s well lit," Morton said.

He continued, “When we were implementing that part of the production, Randy was … very averse to the idea of having spotlights on him. His words were, ‘This is not the Randy Blythe Band, I don’t want to look like I’m the star of the show up there.’ And I was like, ‘Randy, we need you to be a rock star right now.’ And he understood that, and he’s a team player, and part of that is his own humility. I don’t know if he’ll love that I told that story or not, but ultimately … he’s the frontman of the band.

"But Randy was [initially] uncomfortable with that … I think his words were, ‘I don’t want to look like Liza Minelli up there.”