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Listen to Blacktop Mojo cover the Temptations' Motown classic, 'My Girl'

Texas rockers turn the sentimental song upside down

Texas rockers Blacktop Mojo love Motown, and they also know the darker side of love. They twist the two together in this haunting take on the Temptations' 1965 classic "My Girl." 

"We all know this song," says frontman Matt James. "It’s a song that comes on the radio or starts playing in the background as you’re in the grocery store and immediately you begin to hum along and have visions of the new girl you’re falling head over heels for, and you feel all the warm fuzzy feelings she gives you welling up inside. Our version of the song is when you fast forward into that relationship with the same girl that gave you all that warmth and sunshine, but she’s up and left you and taken the ‘Month of May’ with her.”

No word yet on whether the band will feature the song live when they hit the road in March - the tour kicks off March 10 in Little Rock, AS and runs through March 27 in Springfield, IL. 

"We love the original tune, everyone grew up listening to it," added the band. "There's definitely something special about Motown and that era of music, and there's a reason why artists like the Temptations have stood the test of time. However, when you're having a bad day or maybe having it out with your lady and a song like 'My Girl' comes on, nine times out of ten it'll cheer you up, but sometimes you don't want to hear a happy love song. Sometimes you're in the Lonely Hearts Club instead, and that's where out version comes in."

 The single will be available to purchase and stream February 25.