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Listen to new Bret Michaels song, 'Back in the Day'

The Poison singer releases 'feel-good, road trip anthem'

Bret Michaels recently teased a new solo single, "Back in the Day," and he has now officially released the full song. You can check it out above.

In a recent interview with Ohio Music Experience, Michaels said of the song, "It’s a modern-day throwback to basically just great songs, great radio. The songs that inspired not only my youth then, but now. It’s just kind of reflecting back on all the great times then and now. So, I’m paying it forward and I think that 'Back in the Day,' what we attentively titled, it started out as a feel-good, road trip, anthem song."

Bret Michaels Band guitarist and producer Pete Evick offered his thoughts about the song, writing on Facebook, "I can’t explain the amount of fun me and Bret had recording this song. As always Bret pushes the boundaries and really makes me get creative and innovative with production.

"Trying to encompass elements from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and also still feel current and modern was the goal with everything about this song. I think we got it!"