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Listen to rousing new King's X song, 'Give It Up'

Band will release first studio album in 14 years in September

King’s X will unveil their 13th studio album, Three Sides of One, on September 2. In advance of the release, the band – bassist and singer Doug “Dug” Pinnick, guitarist and singer Ty Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill – have shared a new song, “Give It Up,” which you can check out above.

“Give It Up” is the second single to be released from Three Sides of One, following album opener “Let It Rain” last month.

Said bassist and singer Doug “Dug” Pinnick about the new song, “After I turned 71, death was on my mind every day. Chris Cornell killed himself, and I was thinking of that.

Lyrically, he continued, the song is “about not giving up until you naturally die. I want to ride it out until it's over. I'm laughing about how I haven't gotten a will yet, but I should have one. Musically, I wanted it to be really simple, so you can dance to it."

Previously Pinnick said about the new album, “When I think of it, King’s X feels like a couple of old best friends coming together, shooting the shit, and having a good time, it's instinctual. When I would listen to demo tapes of Jerry and Ty for the record, it gave me a great perspective on how blessed I am to be in King’s X. What they did on 'Three Sides Of One' sounded so good. For as familiar as it is, it's like I'm in a new band."

Added Tabor, “This time we sat around, listened to each other's ideas and would collectively say, 'Let's work on that.' It was the most enjoyable album I've personally ever recorded in my entire life, period."

Said Gaskill, “I'll cherish what we did in my heart forever. Everything lined up perfectly.”