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Nita Strauss on Demi Lovato gig: 'Some fans are now in the comments section calling me names'

The guitar ace also hints at superstar lineup of vocalists on her forthcoming solo effort

Nita Strauss has seemingly transitioned from shredding alongside shock-rock legend Alice Cooper to backing up pop superstar Demi Lovato with ease. But seeing as this is the 21st century, Strauss has also, unfortunately, had to withstand some amount of online vitriol directed her way.

As she explained in a new interview with Variety, “I think no matter what you do, wherever there is change, there’s bound to be some backlash. It definitely hasn’t all been easy – I even recognize some people, longtime fans that I’ve met tons of times and always had lovely interactions with, taken tons of photos with over the years, etc., now in the comments section calling me names. So that part is hurtful. But at the same time, as an artist you have to always grow and change and when things change, you can’t please everyone.”

Nevertheless, Strauss has no doubt she made the right choice.

“In earlier interviews, I told people I wanted to tour with Metallica, first, then Pink,” she said. “I wanted to play with someone who could carry hard rock guitar into the mainstream. It’s been a different ballgame with Demi, but an artist has to take risks or you stagnate.”

Those who still pine for the more metal-leaning Strauss will likely be pleased with her forthcoming second solo album. In addition to ferocious tracks like the just-released “Summer Storm,” Strauss reports that there are as many as a half-dozen guest vocalists joining her on the record. 

“There will be people on the album that you know and love, a real blend of legacy vocalists, new blood and a good mix of women and men singers,” she said. “It means a lot, and we’re really taking great pains to perfect it.”