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Original Hanoi Rocks lineup to reunite for Michael Monroe's 60th birthday celebration

The iconic Finnish glam rockers last played together 40 years ago

Michael Monroe recently told us it's too late for him to die young anymore. But that doesn’t mean the legendary front man isn’t aging with style and surprise. To that end, he has decided to celebrate his 60th birthday with an unexpected treat: the reunion of the original lineup of Finnish glam icons Hanoi Rocks, which last played together onstage on July 27, 1982, at Helsinki's Tavastia.

The band – Monroe, Andy McCoy, Sami Yaffa, Nasty Suicide and Gyp Casino – will take the stage as part of Monroe’s 60th celebration concert at the Helsinki Ice Hall on September 23. Also appearing on the bill that night will be a reunited version of Monroe’s 90s-era group, Demolition 23, who haven’t performed together in close to 30 years.

Headlining the evening will be Monroe’s current solo outfit, which includes former Hanoi Rocks bassist Sami Yaffa along with Karl Rockfist, Rich Jones and Steve Conte. Additionally, according to the Vive Le Rock Facebook page, “several top musicians and artists who have collaborated with Monroe over the years will take the stage,” resulting in an almost three-hour-long extravaganza.

Said Monroe in a statement, “This is the only appropriate time and place for all five original members of Hanoi Rocks to get onstage to play together after a break of over 40 years. This is not a Hanoi Rocks reunion, but a unique part of the anniversary concert. At first I planned to keep it a surprise but after giving it some more thought, I realized that it wouldn't be fair, especially to the fans, not to make this public in advance and that everybody should have the chance to be there."