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Queensrÿche share video for new song, 'Hold On'

The band's 16th studio album, 'Digital Noise Alliance,' is out now

Queensrÿche have shared a new song, “Hold On,” from their recently-released 16th studio album, Digital Noise Alliance. You can check out the video above.

The new single, the band said, "primarily focuses on the misfortune of social media and how this new societal landscape has become a false barometer of ones’ value, essentially, influencing and affecting peoples’ self-worth. Reminding people to not believe everything they see, and to not buy into the glorification of fame, money, and popularity. It strives to empower those that have been blinded by the distorted reality of the glorified social media lifestyles. It is a song reminiscent of older, simpler times."

In a recent interview with us, guitarist Michael Wilton explained of Digital Noise Alliance, “It’s an album that kind of stretches and encompasses the whole music genre of Queensrÿche. It’s got some very melodic moments, it’s progressive, it’s heavy metal and it’s very album-oriented visual music that is going to be just a good all-around Queensrÿche album.

You can read our full chat with Wilton here.