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Remember when Time magazine put 'angry young rocker' Eddie Vedder on its cover?

Both Vedder and Kurt Cobain declined to be interviewed for the story

Back in 1993, hair metal was well in decline and the mainstream rock world was operating at peak grunge. So much so that Time magazine, the periodical of choice for every ‘90s kid’s parents and grandparents, slapped Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder on its cover alongside the headline, "All The Rage."

Keeping in step with most grunge artists’ rejection of mainstream symbols of authority, Vedder refused to actually speak with the magazine for the story (as did Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain). Nevertheless, the mag did its best to educate its readers on the angsty new sounds coming out of the Pacific Northwest, and what the scene was all about.

In 2018, the writer of the Time piece, Christopher John Farley, spoke with the Washington Post about the experience, saying of Vedder and Cobain that “there was a feeling that they both wanted the attention, and didn’t want to have the attention. They didn’t want to be seen as selling out.”

He also revealed that, initially, he “actually wanted to put both Pearl Jam and Nirvana on the cover. I think I gave a thought to putting Smashing Pumpkins on there, too. But Time had a tradition of going with one person. Back then, part of the power of Time was synthesizing the cultural moment and reducing it to a single face. I wanted the face to be Nirvana, but their handlers had played a little bit coy as to whether they would talk to me.”

You can check out the cover below.

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