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Sammy Hagar & the Circle share new video, 'Funky Feng Shui'

The clip, Hagar says, 'is more fun than a frog in a glass of milk'

Sammy Hagar & the Circle have a new album, Crazy Times, and a current tour where they’re playing lots of Van Halen music.

Now, they also have a new video. The band has just shared the official clip for new single, “Funky Feng Shui.”

Said Hagar, " 'Funky Feng Shui' was the first song I started writing for the Crazy Times record. We recorded just the two verses I had written for the first 'Lockdown Sessions.' When we got in the studio, David Cobb [producer] loved this song so we finished it and it made the record.

The video was a blast because the director kept screaming, 'Just remember there's gonna be a 50-foot woman stepping over you guys while you're performing.' Ha ha!

"I love this song and this video is more fun than a frog in a glass of milk. And I love you all. Enjoy!"

You can check out “Funky Feng Shui” above.