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Sammy Hagar will perform more Van Halen music with the Circle: 'We have that responsibility'

The band is out on tour now in support of their forthcoming album, 'Crazy Times'

Sammy Hagar recently offered some thoughts on a proposed and much-rumored Van Halen tribute show, saying that “it’s not really Van Halen without Eddie,” but still leaving the door open just a crack to the possibility.

In the meantime, however, Hagar is gearing up to release Crazy Times, his newest album with his current band, the Circle, which includes original Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, along with guitarist Vic Johnson and drummer Jason Bonham.

And while Crazy Times is the band’s second album of all-original material (although it does include a cover of Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up"), Hagar also says if you’re looking to hear Van Halen music performed live onstage, the Circle’s upcoming tour is likely the best place to find it.

“We’ve grown on the Van Hagar now, playing a lot more Van Halen now that there’s nobody to play it,” Hagar told the News-Herald. “And, y’know, I’m shocked that no matter what Van Halen song we play, no matter how deep the cut, [fans] are like, it’s a No. 1 single. We can do, like, ‘Amsterdam’ [from 1995’s Balance] and they’re singing along like it was on the radio all the time.”

He continued, “When people love that music that much and we’re the guys who did it and we’re still around, then, yeah, we have that responsibility to play it for them.”

As for Crazy Times, Hagar classifies the new effort a concept album. “These are crazy times we’re in after the last couple of years, that’s what it’s about,” he said. “It’s a little dark, a dark kind of Sammy album, but I like that. I don’t mind being serious.” 

You can check out the title track below.