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Santa Cruz unveil video for ‘Under the Gun,’ the song at the center of the band’s backing tracks controversy

The Finnish glam rockers ignited a firestorm of lip-synching criticism following a performance at the Whisky a Go Go last month

Finnish glam rockers Santa Cruz recently made hair-metal headlines when they experienced an embarrassing backing tape mishap during a performance of their new song “Under the Gun” at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles. Now, the band has released the official studio version of the track, which you can check out above.

Said Santa Cruz main man Archie Cruz, “ ‘Under the Gun,’ a nod to some of metal´s all-time greats like Ozzy and Dokken, comes out with a banging video, inspired by Sergio Leone´s Spaghetti Western movies and Tarantino-esque cinema. The video was shot in Joshua Tree… and the plot is about four gunslingers having a Mexican stand-off for a suitcase full of cold hard cash.”

The song hails from the group's forthcoming full-length effort, The Return of the Kings. Cruz recorded the album as a “one-man band,” and has since retooled the live Santa Cruz lineup with the addition of a trio of L.A.-based musicians, guitarist Jerry Jade, bassist Tommy Bradley and drummer Randy McDemian.

The new album is scheduled for release in the fall. Until then, Santz Cruz are preparing for a “comeback” show of sorts, returning to the scene of the crime, the Whisky a Go Go, on August 25 for a performance they’re calling “Round 2: This Time It’s Personal.”