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Sebastian Bach recalls backstage brawl with Bon Jovi in 'Skid Row: Breaking the Band' trailer

'Sometimes I went a little over the line,' the singer admits

“As I’m coming to the stage, some roadies grab me and douse my head with freezing cold iced milk…”

And so begins one of the more infamous road stories in ‘80s hard rock, which former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach recounts in this excerpt from the upcoming Reelz documentary, Skid Row: Breaking the Band.

The show includes interviews with Bach, Skid Row co-founders Rachel Bolan (bass) and Dave "Snake" Sabo (guitar), former manager Doc McGhee and others, telling the story of Skid Row’s rise to fame.

As for the iced milk saga? That occurred during Skid Row’s stint as the opening act on Bon Jovi’s New Jersey tour. As Bach and others recall in the above clip, Bon Jovi's roadies pranked the singer by dousing him with some dairy as he took the stage with Skid Row. 

Bach, not surprisingly, did not find the incident even remotely amusing. As he says, "Sometimes I went a little over the line on the microphone. I was coming off the stage and my tour manager goes, 'Hey man, I think we have a little problem.' " That problem, as he was about to find out, was Jon Bon Jovi’s fist.

Skid Row: Breaking the Band will premiere on Sunday, June 26th at 10 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT on Reelz.