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Steel Panther announce 'eight-fingered, double-thumbed freakazoid' Spyder as new full-time bassist

'You had us at hello,' the band says

It’s been over a year since bassist Lexxi Foxx parted ways with Steel Panther, and while the band has continued on, playing live shows with fill-in four-stringers including the awesomely-monikered Rikki Dazzle, they have held out on naming a full-time replacement for the departed Foxx.

Until now. 

The L.A. glamsters have today announced that Spyder, who has also played shows with the band over the past few months, is now the newest Panther. Or, as the band put it in a press release, their R.O.L.E – “Ruler Of Low End.”

Back in June, Metal Injection reported that Steel Panther singer Michael Starr said during a European summer tour that the band had received more than 700 video submissions from prospective bassists. "We went through every single video,” Starr said. “And we did some test runs with some people. And when we find the right guy, you guys will know."

Added drummer Stix Zadinia, "On this tour, we have our friend Spyder with us, who is a great friend and an even better bass player. He's not that great a friend. I'm kidding. He's awesome. We've known him since 1990. He's one of our homies and he's killing it. And we cannot wait to jam with him. But we are still searching for the permanent guy 'cause Spyder's got another gig; he's got a paper route that he works on."

Spyder will now, we assume, be quitting that paper route. According to Steel Panther’s press release, throughout the five-week European tour in summer of 2022, “it became quite evident to all four guys that this lineup was unstoppable. A few more months of touring together perfected the new lineup and now anyone that has seen the band recently knows that Spyder is the perfect addition for Steel Panther. In other words, Spyder is the chocolate to Steel Panther’s peanut butter.”

Added the band, “We wanted it to be you. We wanted it to be you so badly. So, it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but we want to do that because we want you. We want all of you, forever, you and us, every day. To us, you are perfect. You had us at hello. You complete us. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

All jokes aside, Steel Panther are celebrating the new-bassist news by announcing a new U.S. tour, Claus & Paws Holiday Party, which will kick off In late November after the band wraps up their recently announced Canadian leg of the Res-Erections tour. More information on tickets and purchase links for all shows can be found at Steel Panther Rocks.