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Tesla share official music video for new single, 'Time to Rock'

'Like a locomotive comin' hard and fast,' Jeff Keith sings in heavy rocker

Tesla have released the official music video for the band's new single, "Time to Rock." You can check it out above.

Tesla bassist Brian Wheat recently spoke to Metal Edge about the song, commenting specifically about the use of a talk box effect in the guitar parts. "I do know that [Tesla guitarist] Frank [Hannon] likes Peter Frampton, and so he likes the talk box," Wheat said. "I don’t know if it was a direct attempt at paying homage to Peter Frampton or not. And though Frampton did play one, so did Joe Walsh, Jeff Beck and Joe Perry as well."

Regarding the potential of a new full-length studio album alongside "Time to Rock," Wheat said, "There are no immediate plans to go in and do a record with somebody. I just think that at this point in our career if we feel like doing a track, we’ll do one and if we don’t, we won’t. We’ve made so many albums, and so when and if we feel like making another album, we will. If at that time we decide we want to produce it ourselves or work with someone, we don’t know yet.

"That’s the thing about us – we don’t think too much about these things. We go by how we feel right now. We play shows – we have to, because that’s how we earn our living, We’re a working band, that’s the main thing. Thank god we’ve got such a great fan base, and fans who support us as we can still go out and play to 2,500 and 3,000 people a night selling our own tickets. That’s where the testimony for the band is at really, that after almost 40 years we’re still able to go out and sell tickets and put on a show where people aren’t going, “Oh, they don’t sound good.” Because when that happens, that, for me, will be the end."