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Tracii Guns played an entire L.A. Guns set from a backstage bathroom

'I apologize for my crazy brain,' the guitarist says

We’ve heard of smokin’ in the boys room, but Tracii Guns took things to a new level on Friday when he played some smokin’ guitar in the boys room, performing an entire L.A. Guns set in Plano, Texas during a stop on the Sonic Slam 2022 tour with Tom Keifer and Faster Pussycat from a bathroom behind the stage.

Explaining the situation prior to the gig, Guns wrote on social media, "A lot of people know I have a panic disorder. While I have it 95 percent under control, heat is the remaining trigger and I simply cannot play in the heat.

“BUT!!! We have found a solution for today’s show. I will be playing in a comfy bathroom directly behind the stage where there is air conditioning. I will do an Instagram live stream during the set if y'all really need to watch me play. I apologize for my crazy brain."

You can check out a performance of L.A. Guns' 'Speed' above.

As for how Guns came up with the idea? Credit L.A. Guns bassist Johnny Martin, who explained in his own post, "Tracii wasn't gonna play the show at all. Because his anxiety is still pretty prevalent. He said to me that he wasn't going to do the show, because the heat was just too unbearable to his condition. And that we'll just have Ace [Von Johnson, co-guitarist] cover his parts. So, basically, us play as a four piece. I proposed that we find an air-conditioned spot near the stage. And … VOILA! … Here we are. Much better than him opting out, all together. I'M A F**KING GENIUS!"

Yes you are, Johnny, yes you are.