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Watch Bruce Dickinson rage at Ozzfest: 'This is an English f**king flag and these colors do not f**king run!'

'If you see someone throwing some shit at this band and they raise their arm, make sure when it comes down it’s in two pieces,' the Iron Maiden singer says in response to 'Eggfest'

Sharon Osbourne has been in the news today for her statement calling Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson "a fucking prick," in regard to issues the two had with each other on the 2005 Ozzfest tour.

For some background, Sharon felt that Dickinson had been disrespectful and insulting to Ozzy throughout the tour, and engineered revenge on the final date, cutting Maiden’s power during their set, and planting audience members to pelt them with eggs other debris.

While Dickinson has downplayed the spat over the ensuing years, Sharon clearly still holds a grudge. In a new interview with Consequence, she said of the Maiden front man:

“Bruce Dickinson is a fucking prick. Well, no, he’s not a prick because a prick’s nice. He’s a fucking asshole. Because the situation is he was on a tour called Ozzfest. And Ozzy Osbourne was paying him every night to perform. He accepted the gig. He knew what he was doing. He accepted the gig. And every night he would go onstage and say bad things about Ozzy. And the crew and everybody in all the other bands would be like, ‘Are you letting him get away with it?’ And I’m like, ‘I sure am.’ But the last gig was [just outside of] L.A. And I thought, ‘You motherfucker, now you’re gonna get it.’

“And so I had about 20 people in the audience and a lot of them were nurses from Cedars Sinai, because I had cancer at that time. And they were all my chemo nurses. And they all came down, and they fucking pelted the shit out of him. And my thing is, you play, you pay!

And the thing is, if you’re being paid to do a gig, but you don’t like the person, then fuck off. But don’t stay, take the money, take all the good that’s coming to your band through being on a festival, doing 24 shows and still slagging the person that’s paying you. It’s like, ‘No, that makes you a fucking asshole.’ And he is. And he’s never apologized, he never even went up and said hello to Ozzy. The thing about him is that he is just so jealous. And always has been of Ozzy. And that’s his problem.”

To see the event in action, check out the video above, where a clearly agitated Dickinson rages from the Ozzfest stage, telling the crowd, "You may have noticed a few wise asses that decided they would go down to the supermarket and buy a few fucking eggs and start throwing them at us down in the front. I guess they thought it would be funny. But this is an English fucking flag and these colors do not fucking run, you ass-wipes!"

Dickinson continued, "If you see someone throwing some shit at this band and they raise their arm, make sure when it comes down it’s in two fucking pieces for me, will ya?"