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Watch Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson launch tirade at unruly fan: ‘I've got to f**king sing, all right?’

The singer went off after a flare was ignited in the audience

Fans at Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece, got an unexpected bonus lyric from front man Bruce Dickinson during the British metal legends’ show on July 16. After a fan lit a flare in the crowd, the vocalist leapt into action, fearing the billowing smoke would affect his ability to perform. 

During the 10th song of the set, "The Number of the Beast," Dickinson followed the lyric, “What did I see?” with an impromptu answer: "A cunt with a fucking flare. I've got to sing up here, you fucking cocksucker. You Greek cunt! I've got to fucking sing, all right? Fuck you!"

Which, for those of you queuing up the classic metal song at home, is not what Dickinson sang on the 1982 original.

You can hear the full tirade in the fan-filmed video above.