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Watch Iron Maiden's Spitfire replica plane malfunction during 'Aces High'

Even singer Bruce Dickinson looked confused

Among the many show-stopping props in Iron Maiden’s current Legacy of the Beast live production is the life-size replica Spitfire fighter plane that "flies" above the stage during closing number, “Aces High.”

But during the band’s date in Worcester, Massachusetts, on October 17, the aircraft almost caused an actual show stop.

While the plane is intended to buzz the stage during the "Aces" finale, it instead appeared to get stuck on its way down, with Maiden’s roadies running out to attempt to fix the issue. Eventually, they removed the Spitfire from the stage entirely. At one point, you can see Bruce Dickinson glance behind him, seemingly confused at the chaos.

Here’s hoping things go better for the Spitfire as the Legacy of the Beast World Tour pulls into the UBS Arena in Belmont Park, New York, on October 19.

You can check out the plane in action... or, not in action, above and below.