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Watch Lars Ulrich and Brian Johnson join the Foo Fighters to blast through a pair of AC/DC classics

The supergroup performed 'Back in Black' and 'Let There Be Rock' at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert

AC/DC singer Brian Johnson and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich joined the Foo Fighters onstage at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert at London’s Wembley Stadium on September 2 to run through a pair of AC/DC classics.

“Please welcome to the stage our good buddy Lars, and Brian Johnson from AC-fuckin’-DC,” said Grohl, as the group kicked into “Back in Black,” which also featured an appearance from the Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, fresh off his performance with Wolfgang Van Halen earlier in the day.

The group rounded out the performance with a rousing “Let There Be Rock,” before Ulrich came from behind the kit to address the crowd. 

“Taylor, I know you’re watching. I know you’re hearing this,” he said. “I know you can feel this. We fuckin’ love you. On behalf of everybody, Metallica, nothing but love. Thank you Wembley. We’ll see you soon.”

You can check out the performance above and below.