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Watch Metallica react to crowd booing 'St. Anger'

'Just give it a little more time buddy, you’ll get it,' James Hetfield assures

Metallica’s eighth album, 2003’s St. Anger, is not and never has been, shall we say, a fan favorite. And clearly Metallica know it.

And, as it turns out, they have a sense of humor about it. A series of fan-filmed videos posted to YouTube show singer and guitarist James Hetfield having fun with the band’s audiences at various shows on their recent 2022 summer tour.

In one video, Hetfield asks between songs: "Question for you. You can honestly answer it to the best of your knowledge. St. Anger?" He then gives a thumb’s up sign, followed by two thumbs down. After receiving some cheers…and more boos, a laughing Hetfield responds, “I’m trying to encourage you. Let’s give it another shot, shall we?,” and leads the band. Into the St. Anger track “Dirty Window.”

In a video from a different gig, meanwhile, Hetfield can be seen following up a song from the record by joking with the audience: “That one’s from your favorite album, St. Anger!” After hearing more boos, he continues, “Oh come on, it’s growing on you now. Just give it a little more time buddy, you’ll get it.”

He ends with one more jab: “Okay, eight more songs from St. Anger, ready? Just kidding!”

You can check out the videos above and below.