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Watch Skid Row cover Pantera's 'Cowboys from Hell' with Dimebag and Rex Brown in 1993

'They were one of the first great bands of the ’90s,' Sebastian Bach has said of the Texas metallers

In the early '90s, hair metal and heavy metal were opposing forces. But there was also plenty of overlap between the two styles. None more so than when Skid Row, then promoting their sophomore album, the rather slamming Slave to the Grind, brought Pantera out on the road with them as their opening act in 1992.

Recalled Skid Row guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo” in the ’80s hard rock oral history Nothin’ But a Good Time, “I think it was pretty amazing that Dime and Phil and those guys even agreed to go out on the road with us. Because most people perceived us as a hair band. We got away from that a little bit with the Guns N’ Roses tour and the Slave to the Grind record, but you don’t know if peoples’ opinions are really changed or not.”

Added singer Sebastian Bach, “Some nights they were very, very hard to follow. But they were one of the first great bands of the ’90s and so it was cool to watch them get big right before our eyes.”

Clearly the two bands hit it off – recalled guitarist Scotti Hill, “The partying with those guys was another level” – as the next year Skid Row welcomed Dimebag and bassist Rex Brown onstage with them at New York City’s the Limelight on June 13, 1993, to assist in a cover of Pantera’s "Cowboys From Hell."

You can check out video of the "hell"-raising performance above.