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Watch the Cult’s Ian Astbury jump into crowd to break up fight at D.C. gig

'Never ever put a chokehold on somebody. That's what the pig does!’ the singer admonishes

Cult singer Ian Astbury jumped into the crowd during the band’s show at the Anthem in Washington, D.C. on June 19 to break up a fight between fans.

In a video posted to the Creative Underground YouTube channel, Astbury stops during the band’s performance of “Rain” to intervene when a man near the front appears to be putting another man in a chokehold. Astbury breaks up the fight and then embraces the man who was allegedly being assaulted.

The singer then climbs back on stage to finish the song, after which he launches into a short rant/speech: 

"Brother, never ever put a chokehold on somebody. It's not fucking cool,” he says. “That's what the fucking pig does! Stop crying. It's a fucking rock show. You don't like it? Go stand at the back. You're tall. You're bigger than everybody."

While the man attempts to respond, Astbury continues: "You're standing at the front of a rock show. What do you think?"

If the incident wasn’t enough of an adrenaline rush, guitarist Billy Duffy then begins ringing out the trademark opening notes of the band’s biggest hit and calling card, "She Sells Sanctuary."

And just like that, all is once again right in Cult world.

Recently, the Cult detailed their new studio album, Under the Midnight Sun, and shared the first single, "Give Me Mercy." You can check it out here