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Watch Tommy Lee 'show his wiener' onstage at Mötley Crüe's hometown show in Los Angeles

The drummer keeps the NSFW gag going through the dog days of summer

We can’t say that Mötley Crüe didn’t pull out all the stops for their hometown show at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on August 27.

During their Stadium Tour set, the band that has in the past lit their bassist’s legs on fire, had their singer chainsaw the head off a mannequin and sent their drummer spinning 360 degrees in the air while playing a solo added another gag to their live show when Tommy Lee decided to show his “wiener.”

Prior to performing "Home Sweet Home," Lee addressed the crowd, saying: "Some of you might've heard this before. But a couple weeks ago we had a break on this tour and I went to some fuckin' island in Bora Bora and I got fuckin' loose. Drunk as fuck. Fuckin' wobbler. I fuckin' fell the fuck off.

“So what happened, is I got all drunk, took a bunch of pictures of my dick, tossed them up on Instagram. And uh, so I figured they took them down from Instagram, and you guys wanna see my wiener? You guys wanna see the shit? Is that a yeah? All right, let's go. Let me show you my fuckin' wiener. You ready? There it is."

And with that, Lee reached into his pants and…pulled out a live Dachshund, a.k.a., a “wiener dog.”

You can watch the whole bit below.