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What does former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson think was a misstep on the 'Under Lock and Key' record?

Pilson also recalls some 'bad memories' from his '80s days

Jeff Pilson recently sat down with the Rockin’ Interviews podcast, and during the chat the bassist looked back on his time with Dokken in the ‘80s.

Asked about his fondest and worst memories from those days, he replied, “My fondest memories are just some of the amazing people we got to work with,” pointing to producers like Michael Wagener and Neil Kernon, as well as Q Prime Management. “We had so many fun times. It really was the classic sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll for a young kid."

He continued, “The bad memories were just the fact that we just couldn’t get past our egos. The egos just killed the band. To me, it still upsets me. Because we could have made more out of the band than we did. So the egos and the lack of being able to get that together kind of killed it.”

As for the Dokken song that he thought “should have done better than it did”?

“Here’s what I will tell you,” Pilson said. “I always thought it was a mistake on our Under Lock and Key record to put out ‘The Hunter’ first. The reason we put out ‘The Hunter’ first is our management at the time, they fell in love with that song before there were even vocals on it.”

He continued, “I always thought that we should have put out ‘It’s Not Love’ first because, especially, I mean this is late ’85, early ’86, it would’ve given us a big anthem. I think it would’ve kicked off the album in a much stronger way. Put that song out, then ‘In My Dreams,’ I think we would’ve been rocking.”

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