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Playlist: Whitesnake before '1987'

Come an' get a taste of the bloozy, pub-rocking 'Snake

By the time David Coverdale appeared on MTV permed, blonde and armed with redheads doing cartwheels over Jaguars, he had served more than a decade in the rock trenches, first with Deep Purple and then with various incarnations of Whitesnake. The latter group began life in the late ‘70s as a straightforward, bloozy pub-rock act, before gradually turning toward a harder-edged, harder-rocking sound. Along the way they recorded tracks like “Fool For Your Loving,” “Crying in the Rain” and “Here I Go Again,” which, in re-recorded, synth-y form, would help turn Coverdale and Co. into a worldwide platinum-selling juggernaut. But there’s plenty of prime ‘Snake to be found in those pre-1987 days. As Coverdale would say, “Here’s a playlist for ya!”