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Zakk Wylde recalls the first time he heard Ozzy Osbourne

'I was Catholic when I first put the needle down, and halfway through the LP, I was a full-blown Satanist'

Zaak Wylde's relationship with Ozzy Osbourne now spans an amazing 35 years, including working on the just-released Patient Number 9. But there was a moment when Zakk was just like all the rest of us — a young music fan hearing Ozzy's voice for the very first time.

In a new interview with Revolver, he recalled that moment. "I remember being in art class," he said. "My one buddy Tommy — he must have been like 11 years old — he had a sculpture of a jawless skull, which is basically the Black Label skull now: Skully. It was a jawless skull with a lightning bolt going through it that said, 'Black Sabbath 666.' I was like, 'Wow, what is that?' And he goes, 'Oh, it's just a rock band my older brother listens to.' "

Wylde continued that he "thought it looked so cool. I just wanted to figure out what it was. So, I was at the mall with my mother and my mom was like, 'You can get a record.' Okay, so obviously, I ended up buying We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll — but we know it's a double album."

What happened next was, shall we say, a religious experience. "I had never heard a Sabbath song before in my life," Wylde said. "So, I put the record on and I was beyond terrified the whole time I listened to the album. I was Catholic when I first put the needle down on it, and halfway through the second LP, I was a full-blown Satanist. 

"And by the end of the album, I converted back to Catholicism just so I could thank God for creating Black Sabbath."